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Evaluation and Assessment

The mission of University of California at Riverside’s Office of Evaluation and Assessment is to facilitate a culture of data-driven decision making and continuous educational improvement. To that end, we design and conduct studies on the effectiveness of UCR’s undergraduate academic support programs. We also advise faculty and administrators on all aspects of the assessment process from writing learning objectives to implementing results. We provide support for iEval, the campus' online student evaluation of teaching system. Further, we provide assistance on an ad hoc basis to faculty needing help with grant proposals and other projects that have an evaluation or assessment component. Finally, we offer writing, research, and organizational support for UCR’s WASC accreditation activities. The Office of Evaluation and Assessment seeks to initiate and support data driven conversations focused on undergraduate student success. 

Workshops for Fall 2016:

Assessment Basics: Program Level Assessment (11:00am-12:00pm October 12, 2016, Hinderaker 1127)

This workshop will cover the basics of assessing student learning, including methods for data collection and analysis. A major focus will be coordinating assessment at the program level but course level assessment will also be covered

Planning and Coordinating Program Level Assessment (11:00am-12:00pm November 9, 2016 Hinderaker 1127)

This workshop will focus on planning program level assessment, both across courses and instructors as well as over time from year to year. Faculty from the Department of Earth Sciences will discuss how they coordinate assessment across 15 courses. How to plan annual assessment activities with the multi-year cycle of academic program review will also be discussed.

Funding Opportunities:

The Office of Evaluation and Assessment will, again, support assessment development grants. Applications are available (here) and proposals should be submitted (close of business) March 17th. Awards decisions are anticipated in April and funding for this cycle would be available for AY17-18,

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